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Mini Consult


This initial consultation is a great way to gain insight into the general wholesale process, get a second opinion on your brand and it's direction, or ask for help with specific issues you may be encountering as you grow. We'll have a great hour long brainstorming session that will leave you energised and motivated with a set of clear, actionable steps.

This is also the first step if you are looking for some ongoing help with your wholesale expansion. Here we can discuss possible services and resources that will help you achieve your goals. 




  • A list of suggested next steps—which may or may not include my consulting services. If I can't help, I'll provide resources on services that can
  • Actionable advice backed by my extensive retail experience and network


  • Your URL (if you have one)
  • A brief description of your brand and what you’d like to discuss
  • An hour of your time (in person in Clapham or by Skype - based on location and preference)


You can purchase directly from our online shop here. I'll contact you shortly after to set up a date for the session.

Any questions? Please fill out the contact form and I'll be in touch! 

You provided me with a perspective for my brand that I hadn’t considered - it was genius and fabulous and yet so simple. You made the action plan simple and contained. The result? I am so powered up and invigorated with a renewed passion for the businesses and ultimately what it seeks to achieve.
— Susanna, Hope & Story