What were the 'pain points' your business was experiencing before you came to our workshop, consulting session, or worked with us monthly?: I was having small-scale, individual success selling through Not On The Highstreet, and wondering how to grow into wholesale - I'd signed up to Top Drawer but was daunted by the leap this entailed (in scale, in processes, in language etc). The Wholesale workshop was perfectly tailored to de-mystify the basic tools essential to start wholesaling (linesheet, supply chain etc) and Rachel's confidence about learning on the job, knowing enough to get started and see where it takes you was totally infectious and heartening throughout. There's still lots to learn and plenty to improve on, but it's great to have leapt into the deep end with enthusiasm.

What did you find as a result of working with us?: I wasn't as intimidated by this new world of wholesale (where, for our business, the stakes/budget was high), and when I arrived at the Trade Fair, I seemed to know much more than many manning stands around me - I found I was recommending your workshop right left and centre!
I also had more confidence to field enquiries from different retailers - whether small or large. I left our sessions more certain of what I had to offer, focused on the quality of our products and with the toolkit to start building the business infrastructure/admin to take this to a larger market.

What did you like most about our workshop or consulting session?: I loved the clarity of the wholesale workshop - the solid pillars you have to put in place to offer your business to retailers. Being clear about what these were left more energy to work on developing new products
I have always been floored by Rachel's unstinting enthusiasm and confidence - and she has the credentials to back it up. She's realistic, and ambitious, but always optimistic and encouraging. When you work mostly alone, and (sometimes!) encounter silence or indifference from your target market, having someone cheering you on to keep proudly pushing forward is invaluable.
It's great to have someone who I feel I can return to for refreshers and a catch-up as the business grows. I feel confident that Rachel is an asset every step of the way.

What would you say to anyone considering working with Rachel and Carousel & Co. and would you recommend it? If so, why?: I would certainly recommend the masterclass to anyone starting out, and a 1-1 session for anyone further along the process.

-Lucy Coggle, Director of Lucy Coggle

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