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An Easy Way to Increase Sales During Christmas

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What's an easy way to help increase sales this Christmas season? Create a gift guide highlighting best sellers in multiple price points. If you want to go a step further, you can highlight gift ideas specifically for the person they may be shopping for or the age range if you are focused on children. This can be applied whether you are a pop-up shop, own a brick & mortar, run an e-commerce site, or even if you just have a table at a weekend craft fair.

When customers have too much choice and aren't able to focus, they tend to feel overwhelmed and may end up walking away, or needing to 'think about it'. 

If you have a physical space, have your gift guide near the front entrance or hand to customers as an extra way to engage. If possible, I would even pull some of your items from the gift guide together, for a super easy shopping experience.

If you sell online have your guide easily accessible on your landing page, and have the images link directly to the products. 

Here are some examples to help you get inspired. If you need a bit of help pulling this together, reach out for a chat!


Learn to love 'Basic' Stock

What can we learn from some of the top retail brands in the world? While they always have newness & fashion styles on hand, if you look closely a lot of their inventory is made up of 'basic' bestsellers that are always in stock.

Basic doesn't always mean the same exact product though and can also be updated versions of a customer favourite. While known 'basics' retailer such as J. Crew may have close to 60% of 'basic' styles in their stock, even 'fashion' retailers such as Zara keep close to 15-25% of their stock in re-orderable 'basic' styles. 

First step to stabilise your retail store or wholesale collection? Define what your 'basic' stock will be and ensure that you're able to keep the products in stock without any issues.

Here are some examples to get you thinking about what this stock could be made up of:

  • You're an online children's clothing boutique or shop that sources & carries the freshest brands. Many of your products are one of a kind or not re-orderable. Your 'basic' solution? Be sure to stock onesies, t-shirts, and leggings in 2 of your best selling colours from your top brand at all times. Pull them aside into a 'basics' category on your website or within your store. Evaluate seasonally, and aim to have this make up 10-15% of your inventory budget.

  • You're a handbag brand selling into small boutiques. The majority of your products are super colourful & made of alternative materials. Many are even one of kind. Your 'basic' solution? As much as it may pain you, develop a more timeless everyday product in a few neutral colours. Use the silhouettes or materials of your more 'fashion' driven items, but be sure to build some type of footprint in more timeless styles so that you're able to transition as trends change.

Once you pinpoint what the 'bread & butter' will be in your inventory and provide consistency, your customers will know they can turn to you for these products as well as for the exciting 'fashion' newness. This also provides massive stability to you as trends and consumer buying habits shift. 

Feel free to reach out for a chat on how to make this work for your specific business model!



How to Increase Store Sales? Take Really Good Care of Your Existing Customers


What can you do this week to make your customers feel special? Here are some quick tips for happy, loyal customers.

Make Your Customer Feel At Home

Dedicate yourself to acknowledging each returning customer. No matter the size of your business, find a way to remember some key names and facts for each person. There are some stellar computer assisted tracking systems, but sometimes attentive staff can be even more effective.

Handwritten Note

There is nothing like a handwritten note thanking them for their purchase or inviting them to an exclusive event. In our oversaturated, impersonal online world, nothing has the same impact on connecting with your customer as a personalised message.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are not just for coffee shops these days. Entice your customers to repeat shop by offering a small discount or gift after a target spend is reached. Anyone else a Space NK addict? I didn’t become N.Dulge De Luxe member by accident…

Need help establishing your customer retention program? Reach out for a chat.