April Quick Tips


So you have sold your initial order into a great new store. How exactly do the reorders happen from here? Stockists want and need you to support them after the initial sale. While not all of your wholesale orders will turn into long term relationships, regular check-ins and follow-ups are super important. Things like staff training, swap proposals, and offers to help during busy selling events can all go a long way.

Struggling to know the best way to follow-up with a retailer? Don't feel bad being persistent! Buyers receive a lot of email every week, and there is nothing wrong with thoughtful follow-ups. The key is to acknowledge that you are following up, express an understanding that they are busy, and include some type of news or update as reasoning for reaching out again. Short & sweet.

As a store owner, I’m sure you pay close attention to your general cash flow and set sales targets you’re aiming to achieve, but have you figured out how much inventory you need to achieve those sales? Having the right stock by brand, category, and individual product is one of the main factors for success and it often gets overlooked.