5 Ways to Increase Your Coverage Chances

I've asked the lovely ladies of PR Dispatch and LFA to share their top tips for increasing your chances of coverage, read their top tips below!


Media, magazine and press coverage is one of the best ways to get your company noticed in the eyes of the consumer. And sometimes it is the smallest of changes that can see your product onto the pages of a glossy magazine. Below, we have given you 5 great tips on how, through a more targeted approach, you can enhance and increase your chance of gaining press coverage.

Be prepared.

It is important that your product imagery meets the industry guidelines before you start contacting the press. Cut out imagery is printed within magazines and uploaded onto online publications (no pressure). Product must be displayed on a plain white background with crisp edges. We always recommend that brands invest in a professional photographer or rent a studio space, like Ushoot, so that their cut-out imagery is of a high quality and won’t be turned away by editors.

Be targeted.

Editors will only feature you if they know their readers are likely to be interested in your products. Therefore, it is important that your target market aligns with a publication’s readership. It is worth looking at past publications. Would the products featured interest your target market? Is the price range similar to your product pricing? If the answer is yes, go for it!

Be organised.

Lead times refer to the time between starting to compile a publication and the date it is published.

  • Short Lead Publications are compiled one week to three months before publishing. These include Stylist, Grazia and Sunday Times Style.
  • Long Lead Publications are compiled three to six months before being published. These include Vogue, Home & Gardens and GQ.
  • Online Publications can be compiled on the same day to two weeks before they are published. These include Guardian Online, The Pool and Elle Online.

This means that Long Lead Publications will be finishing their Christmas publications in late August / early September. If you start pitching your seasonal items in November, you’ve missed the boat, and it is SO easy to be caught out!

It is worth taking some time to identify the lead times for your target publications and set reminders on your phone or PC’s calendar for key PR points in the year. We have compiled a full downloadable calendar, included in the PR Dispatch course, have a sneak peek at what we offer here.  

Be friendly.

“Our attitude towards others determines their attitude towards us." - Earl Nightingale.

Unfriendly, blunt emails are likely to be ignored or deleted. Keep your emails informal and friendly but still concise. For example, say...

‘Hi Sophie, (not Dear) Hope you are having a lovely Friday’.

Be genuine and show that you have done your research before introducing your product. You could even mention why you loved one of their previous features. It is important to build lasting relationships between your brand and the press, this increases the possibility of future coverage.

Be proud.

You’ve been featured. Amazing!! It’s important to promote your success through social media. This increases your brand reputation with consumers and promotes your press worthy product to other Editors, who may also be interested in featuring you. You can see our recent subscriber successes here.

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