Brands That Got Me Excited Last Week...

Welcome to the 1st edition of #FridayFeelings.  Here you’ll find a shout out to some of the brands and businesses that disrupted the week, pushing creative boundaries in very competitive and over saturated markets. I’ve included key takeaways to apply to your own work (or life).  Bring on the feelings!

Kenzo World Advert Directed By Spike Jonze

Feelings: Engaged, Confused, Amazed

Why? This week Kenzo released an absolute insane perfume ad directed by Spike Jonze, and the choreographer behind Sia’s ‘Chandelier’ video Ryan Heffington.

An ode to Fatboy Slim’s Weapon of Choice, actress (and trained ballerina) Margaret Qualley stars as a clearly uncomfortable patron of a stuffy, formal dinner.  She hits her breaking point and politely excuses herself from the table. She then channels her inner ninja dancer and takes over the formal event’s halls owning everything that comes her way.  As there are no sexy models lying around whispering meaningless words, or a make out scene with a dashing man, it took a while to realize it’s even a perfume ad; and that is exactly what works.

Takeaways: Stray from your industry’s norms! Share complex stories with truly aspirational characters. Infuse more fun into your day and work. Take things less seriously.

20th Century Fox Hires Everyone's Favorite AI ‘Watson’ for Film Trailer

Feelings: Curious, Nervous (for the AI future!)   

Why? 20th Century Fox collaborates with IBM Research to task artificial intelligence computer, Watson, with directing their new trailer for the AI horror film Morgan.  IBM Research scientists trained Watson by feeding it 100 horror movie trailers cut into scenes. Afterwards, the scientists uploaded the full film and allowed Watson to analyze and generate what it thought the best scenes for a trailer would be. 20th Century Fox used the exact scenes Watson picked, sequencing and adding music.

While the trailer itself isn’t life changing, this is an example of an awesome, newsworthy story that is creating major buzz. It certainly made me stop my day to check out Watson’s results.

Takeaways: Collaborate outside of your specific industry. Explore other brands or companies that your customer base may be interested in and see how they are connecting to their audience. Figure out how you can connect together!

What stood out to you this week? Anything you did to push the boundaries?