Sell More at Your Next Fair or Pop-Up

With Christmas markets popping up all over, we wanted to give a few of our best tips for optimising sales at your next fair or pop-up shop so that you're able to get the most out of every sales opportunities.  A few changes here and there can make all the difference!

 1. Limit the choice in what you display.

When a customer is shown too many products to choose from, they can feel overwhelmed and end up not being able to make a decision. They could end up ‘having to think about it’ and wander off to be distracted by all the other booths. When you keep the assortment to a minimum of best sellers in a few different price points, you take the hard work out of shopping and make it an easy decision.

Can the shopper still not decide between all your amazing products? Offer a buy 1 get 20% off the 2nd item so that they don’t have to choose.

2. Include entry price point items.

Remember that a lot of customers are connecting with your brand for the first time, and have not yet established trust with you or your products. Having only high price points at a market can be very limiting and you may lose the chance to connect with a future customer base.

An example of how to make this work? If you produce gorgeous sleepwear that retails normally around £120, consider carrying an intro product such as an eye mask made out of the same material in the £20 - £30 range. This way shoppers are introduced to your brand and can later move on to your core pieces as they establish more of a connection.  

 3. Make sure your products are focused on gifting and showcase any beautiful packaging.

Shoppers will be looking to make a dent in their Christmas list and the more your products appear to be ready to gift the easier the decision to purchase will be. Combine a few single notebooks into a set with a ribbon or have your beautiful jewellery boxes out on the table for customers to see. Don’t have packaging? Consider offering free gift wrapping on the day.

4. Encourage repeat shopping by offering your customers a discount on their next purchase online.

Hand out business cards with a special discount code or free shipping offer when someone shops with you during the markets. This will not only allow you to see how the event drives business to your website, but it is also a way to continue the relationship with the customer long after. 

5. Make sure you share with your current customer community where you will be!

Spread the word in your newsletter and social media channels, your fans will love to support you and have the chance to meet you in person. Give your mailing list a discount by having them share a 'secret' word when they visit your booth. 

Would love to hear any tips I missed or some insights you may also have!

Love this simple assortment of prints displayed by the Brooklyn art library!

Love this simple assortment of prints displayed by the Brooklyn art library!