How to Increase Store Sales? Take Really Good Care of Your Existing Customers


What can you do this week to make your customers feel special? Here are some quick tips for happy, loyal customers.

Make Your Customer Feel At Home

Dedicate yourself to acknowledging each returning customer. No matter the size of your business, find a way to remember some key names and facts for each person. There are some stellar computer assisted tracking systems, but sometimes attentive staff can be even more effective.

Handwritten Note

There is nothing like a handwritten note thanking them for their purchase or inviting them to an exclusive event. In our oversaturated, impersonal online world, nothing has the same impact on connecting with your customer as a personalised message.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are not just for coffee shops these days. Entice your customers to repeat shop by offering a small discount or gift after a target spend is reached. Anyone else a Space NK addict? I didn’t become N.Dulge De Luxe member by accident…

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