"Before working with Rachel I had 2 particular concerns: my pricing architecture and also, being new to wholesaling, a general strategy for approaching retailers. 

Through the Wholesale Workshop and 1:1 time with Rachel, I gained a huge amount of confidence! I gained confidence to increase my product prices to the value that I genuinely felt they were worth and came away with the tools necessary to approach retailers. Rachel also gave me a lot of useful feedback around my brand presentation and USP's which enabled me to improve my articulation of what was really special about my brand. Finally, I came away with a real sense of clarity around what my next 6 months needs to look like.

Rachel is extremely open and warm. She is, therefore, very easy to talk to and you get straight to the point quickly. Rachel is also extremely knowledgeable, this gives her great credibility, and you really valuable insight. ALSO, rather than just talk around topics, you come away with practical actions that you can implement immediately.

Rachel provides a very unique service which she is able to deliver from a background of huge experience. I would say she is a 'must' for anyone either new to wholesaling or retailing, or to anyone already in the business who needs to review & refocus their strategy.

I could not recommend Carousel & Co highly enough!"

— Annie Colley, Owner of Flock by Nature 

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