Consult Testimonials

"I can’t tell you just how amazing my session with Rachel was today. She took time and care to read through my not-so-brief-brief and was able to cut through to reveal an insight into me as an individual and a woman in business. She provided me with a perspective for my brand that I hadn’t considered - it was genius and fabulous and yet so simple. The result? I am so powered up and invigorated with a renewed passion for the businesses and ultimately what it seeks to achieve."

- Susanna, Hope & Story (Mini Consult)

"The talk with Rachel about developing our brand was very valuable. It was great to speak to an industry pro who had some great nuggets of wisdom. It also helped to have someone with such great experience to qualify and confirm we are on the right track!"

- Jo, This is Jolt (Mini Consult)

“Rachel is full of ideas and able to provide helpful tools with a fresh perspective on my business. I’ve learnt so much and always come out of our meetings feeling excited and motivated!”

- Janet, Little Sketchy (Full Business Assessment)

"We had Rachel help us with our Christmas market planning as it was something we've never done before. Rachel helped us to sort out what styles we needed, how much to order, and gave us strong visual tips for our booth. She was RIGHT ON with all of her estimates for buying. We had the perfect amount of stock, had amazing sales, and felt confident in what we were doing. Rachel is a mix of smarts, sass and motivation. I recommend her for any small business owner that sometimes needs an organised kick in the butt."

- Steven, Brooklyn Art Library (Full Day 1:1 Workshop)

“Thank you to the lovely Rachel for a super business coaching day yesterday. I feel excited about lots of new ideas and products. Thank you for your clear advice and positive direction.”

-Jo, Lucky Lobster Art (Full Day 1:1 Workshop)


Workshop Testimonials

"The workshop was excellent and I came away with my head buzzing with things to think about. Your knowledge of the area is first class but on top of this your warmth, passion and engaging delivery of the material really made the session. I am a newcomer to both fashion and retail however I did not feel intimidated and really felt I could ask anything. I came away feeling much more equipped and confident to build my wholesale strategy. The smaller class size was great as it encouraged everyone to open up and we could work through relevant, real life scenarios. I would highly recommend this course and hope to work with you again!"

- Annie, Flock (Wholesale Workshop)

"Such a great workshop that answered so many of my questions! Lovely to meet other fantastic entrepreneurs too."

- Tabara, La Basketry (Wholesale Workshop)

"I just wanted to thank you for a fantastic session this morning. I'm sure a lot of it is second nature to you, but it's really helpful to have it spelled out clearly for those of us new to it all. You created a really warm and supportive environment for everyone to share their experiences and challenges in a productive way."

- Lucy, Coggle & Bear (Wholesale Workshop)

"Thanks for the great workshop. Learnt lots. Hopefully I'll be able to apply them soon!"

- Ai Pheng, Nonamu London (Wholesale Workshop)

"The course was SO useful and I enjoyed everything aspect of it, just what I needed as a beginner dipping their toe."

- Jenny, Calf & Co (Wholesale Workshop)

"I wanted to pop over a note to say thank you for the workshop last Friday. It was really interesting and insightful, and I am excited to apply these working methods to the bookshop."

-Natalie, Mall Galleries (Wholesale Workshop)